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Report: Top Tech Trends 2019

Benjamin Hall

CB Insights recently released a report outlining trends which they say will shape the technology sector in 2019.

The company which uses machine learning to mine terabytes of data and knowledge in order to help clients "see where the [tech] world is going," has identified 14 of the tech trends they'll be watching closely this year. According to CB Insights, here are just a few of the ways that technology will impact our lives in 2019:

Hyper-personalizaton: The more data collected about an individual, the more intimately companies believe they can understand and market to them. 

A new patent from Amazon outlines passenger profiles that build in preferences for how autonomous vehicles should operate.  

Changing retail: Retail isn’t just moving online. It’s also starting to infiltrate other aspects of our offline world, like car rides.  

Startups like Cargo are tapping into the idle moments. If a customer gets into a Cargo-equipped car (I.e. Uber), they can scan a QR code or enter a numerical ID to browse the car’s inventory and choose a product to purchase.

Smart buildings: With a new emphasis on comfort, intuitive office spaces will be a place where we can do our most productive work. The wellness standards imbued in the new workplace environment will be a battleground for recruitment. 

GreenMe Cubes are small enough to be placed on individual desks, and they measure parameters from lighting and temperature to air quality, noise level, and light flickering. In aggregate, this data feeds into a building monitoring and control system. From there, operators can come to a consensus on heating and cooling norms.

Check out the entire 43-page report "Top Tech Trends in 2019" or view related research via CB Insights. Browse additional Industry resources offered by the Gast Business Library or consult with a Business Librarian today. 

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