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Infographics Available

Benjamin Hall

Good data is a powerful tool. 

According to the Wharton School of Business, "Presenters who use visual language [such as infographics] are perceived by audiences as more effective than those not using visuals."  

Ponder this: Don't infographics convey a lot more information in a lot less space than would an article or regular graphs of the same data?

Well of course! And according to the CEO of Market Domination Media, "An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article."

Infographics allow individuals to:

  • Visualize relationships and statistics more easily

  • Respond better to information than plain text alone

  • Commit information to memory faster and more efficiently

Fortunately, the Gast Business Library subscribes to a host of databases which are packed with infographics. Here's a short-list of some of our favorites: Statista, eMarketer, Gartner 

Contact a Business Librarian for additional recommendations.

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