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Melissa Yost

Hughes, Infante et. al. Advances in understanding landscape influences on freshwater habitats and biological assemblages.  American Fisheries Society, ©2019. Call Number: QH 541.5 .F7 A38 2019 c.2

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Stanghellini. Greenhouse horticulture : technology for optimal crop production. Wageningen Academic Publishers, ©2019. Call Number: SB 415 .S73 2019.

Seeley. The lives of bees : the untold story of the honey bee in the wild. Princeton University Press, ©2019. Call Number: SF 524 .S34 2019 c.2

Perkins. Local activism for global climate justice : the Great Lakes Watershed. Routledge, ©2020. Call Number: QC 902.2 .G74 L63 2020.

Chapman. Safe handling and restraint of animals : a comprehensive guide. Wiley, ©2018. Call Number: SF 760 .A54 C43 2018 c.2

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Langergraber. Wetland technology : practical information on the design and application of treatment wetlands. IWA Publishing, 2019. Call Number: QH 41.5 .M3 W498 2019.

Smith. Rivers of power : how a natural force raised kingdoms, destroyed civilizations, and shapes our world. Little, Brown Spark, 2020. Call Number: GB 1205 .S575 2020.

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Danforth. The solitary bees : biology, evolution, conservation. Princeton University Press, 2019. Call Number: QL 569.4 .D36 2019 c.2

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Datta. Carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil. Springer, 2020. Call Number: QH 344 .C37 2020.

Holl. Primer of ecological restoration. Island Press, 2020. Call Number: QH 541.15 .R45 H64 2020.

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