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Fall 2022 GIS Workshops

Amanda Tickner

Hello! Here are our GIS workshop offerings for fall. If you have questions about these workshops, please contact Amanda Tickner: atickner@msu.edu

Introduction to QGIS: Make a color shaded map 

Wednesday September 21st
Learn the basics of QGIS, the free open-source geospatial software—this workshop will demonstrate how to make a choropleth (color shaded) map and place graduated symbols representing data on it, load shapefiles and .csv table files into QGIS, join data to spatial information and edit features. 

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MSU GIS Users Meet Up (in person only)

Thursday September 22nd

Come visit with other MSU community members who are using GIS in their teaching, research and jobs! We will be discussing any issues, projects and topics that community members want to bring to the meet up. Questions about new GIS products, GIS method questions, strategies for teaching GIS are all possible topics of conversation. The goal of this event is to break through the usual disciplinary and departmental boundaries to have a conversation about GIS at MSU. 

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Introduction to ArcGIS Online 

Wednesday October 5th

In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of ArcGIS Online, a simple browser-based tool for making maps with data. Because this tool is browser based and requires no software to be installed, has built-in datasets, and is easy to use, it provides the capacity to create mapping data projects and share them on the web very quickly. ArcGIS Online is also useful for classroom projects. Participants will learn how to make an MSU account for access, how to add points to a map from a spreadsheet, how visualize data in a map, find data for comparison within ArcGIS Online, and to style and export their maps from the application. 

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Survey and field collection tools for gathering spatial data 

Thursday October 27th 
There are a growing number of useful applications that let you collect spatial data via the web and in the field, either on a community level or via your own inputs. This workshop will demonstrate two of these options: the open source Kobo Tool box and ESRI’s  Survey123. The demonstration will cover how to access these tools, what you should be aware of when you use them, what kinds of data they produce and how to integrate that within your own GIS.  

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