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New Books


Bianchi, T. S. Biogeochemistry of Estuaries. 2007. Oxford University Press. Call Number: QH344 .B53 2007 c.2

Crawley, M.J. The R Book. 2007. John Wiley, New York. Call Number: QA276.45.R3 C73 2007

Roth, R.A. Freshwater Aquatic Biomes. 2009.Greenwood Press. Call Number: QH541.5.F7 R68 2009

Redman and Foster. Agrarian Landscapes in Transition: Comparisons of Long-Term Ecological & Cultural Change. Oxford University Press, USA Call Number: S441 .A327 2008

Graham, Wilcox & Graham. Algae. 2nd Edition. 2008. San Francisco : Benjamin Cummings. Call Number: QK566 .G735 2009

Thorp. The Riverine Ecosystem Synthesis: Toward Conceptual Cohesiveness in River Science. 2008. Academic Press/Elsevier Call Number: QH541.5.S7 T56 2008

Whitlock and Schluter. The Analysis of Biological Data. 2009. Roberts and Co. Publishers Call Number:QH323.5 .W48 2009

Lord. Mammals of South America. 2007. Johns Hopkins University Press. Call Number: QL725 .L67 2007 c.2

Carson and Schnitzer. Tropical Forest Community Ecology. Wiley-Blackwell Pub. Call Number: QH541.5.R27 T74 2008

Hill and McGraw. Bird Coloration: volume one Mechanisms and Measurements. Harvard University Press. Call Number: QL673 .B555 2006 v.1 c.2

Hill and McGraw. Bird Coloration: volume two Function and Evolution. Harvard University Press. Call Number: QL673 .B555 2006 v.2 c.2

Cordoba-Aguilar. Dragonflies and Damselflies: Model Organisms for ecological and evolutionary research. Oxford University Press. Call Number: QL520 .D73 2008

Smol. Pollution of Lakes and rivers: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective. 2nd Edition. 2008. Blackwell Pub. Call Number: TD420 .S63 2008

Lomolino,Riddle & Brown. Biogeography. Sinauer Associates. Call Number: QH84 .B76 2006

Wells. The Ecology and behavior of Amphibians. 2007. The University of Chicago Press. Call Number: QL641 .W35 2007 c.2

Gotelli. A Primer of Ecology. Sinauer Associates. Call Number: QH352 .G67 2008

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