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Gongwer News Highlights, February 21, 2014

Jon Harrison

Snyder Praises Detroit Plan, Schauer Rips Pension Cuts

The plan outlined to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to clear Detroit's debt, which would spend over the next decade more than $1.5 billion to improve police, street lights and clear blighted buildings while cutting the value of pensions for retired city workers, was hailed by Governor Rick Snyder as a "thoughtful" plan that assures Detroit's "comeback is underway."

Pappageorge Talks Road Funding, Ending Career

One need only to take a drive to find the motivation behind his push for $100 million in immediate road funding assistance, Sen. John Pappageorge said in an interview Friday, but even if that number sticks, it's still "skirting around the edges for a much larger problem."

School Bond Proposals Dominate Tuesday Ballot

Of the 38 proposals on local ballots next Tuesday, most are school proposals renewing operating millages, while the remaining

DGA Runs New Ad For Schauer

A new ad from the Democratic Governors Association and featuring expected Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer began airing in the state's three largest metro areas.

Woman In Anti-Peters Ad: Cost Unpredictability Is The Problem

Julie Boonstra is rebutting criticism that she makes misleading claims in an Americans for Prosperity advertisement critical of U.S. Rep. Gary Peters for supporting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Ms. Boonstra, a cancer patient, says in the ad that her insurer cancelled her plan as a result of the Affordable Care Act and that the new plan she purchased resulted in unaffordable out-of-pocket costs. The facts of the case are more nuanced, and independent analysts, such as The Washington Post's Fact Checker, have questioned Ms. Boonstra's claim. They have noted that the $6,350 cap in the Affordable Care Act on out-of-pocket costs purchased through the individual market is almost identical to what Ms. Boonstra has saved, based on figures she provided a month ago to The Detroit News, in lower premiums.

Schuette Files Amicus In Anti-ACA Case

Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia backing litigation challenging tax breaks that are part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Bolger Tells S.C. Governor Michigan Will Take Union Jobs

After comments this week from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley that her state discourages any companies providing union jobs from coming there, House Speaker Jase Bolger said all jobs - union or not - are welcome in Michigan. "If South Carolina wants to be the first to secede again, we'll take their jobs," Mr. Bolger (R-Marshall) said in a statement. "Companies like Ford, GM and Chrysler, and the union workers who build their products, deserve thanks for keeping Michigan and the rest of the nation moving forward. We want and appreciate their adding even more union jobs to Michigan.

Community Colleges Join Forces Over Automotive Program

Five community colleges have signed an agreement to create a pilot program that will allow students in automotive technology programs to transfer among the schools with no loss of credits or repetition of coursework as they pursue certification or degrees. The Automotive Technology Articulation Agreement was signed by Delta College, Grand Rapids Community College, Lansing Community College, Montcalm Community College and Mott Community College, the Michigan Workforce Development Agency said in a statement announcing the agreement.

Equality Michigan Releases Poll Showing Support for Gay Marriage

A poll commissioned by Equality Michigan shows 56.9 percent of voters say they would vote to repeal Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage compared to 34.3 percent who said they would vote no. The poll also asked voters a general question about whether they support same-sex marriage and the numbers were nearly identical, 56.2 percent in favor and 33.2 percent against.

Source : Gongwer News Service : Michigan Report, Volume #53, Report 35, February 21, 2014. Full access requires a subscription or a visit to a subscribing library such as the Michigan State University Main Library.

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