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New Books


Rydin and Jeglum. The Biology Of Peatlands. Oxford University Press, 2013. Call Number: QK 938 .P42 R93 2013 c.2

Dickmann and Leefers. Forests of Michigan. University of Michigan Press, c2003. Call Number: SD 144 .M5 D53 2003 c.4

Gilliam. Herbaceous Layer In Forests Of Eastern North America. Oxford University Press, c2014. Call Number: QK 115 .H47 2014 c.2

Kuo and Methven. 100 Cool Mushrooms. University of Michigan Press, c2010. Call Number: QK 617 .K96 2010 c.2

Carty. Freshwater Dinoflagellates Of North America. Comstock Cornell, c2014. Call Number: QK 569 .D56 C37 2014 c.2

Beug, Bessette, and Bessette. Ascomycete Fungi Of North America: A Mushroom Reference Guide. University of Texas Press, c2014. Call Number: QK 623 .A1 B48 2014 c.2

Frost. Learning To Teach Science In The Secondary School: A Companion To School Experience. Routledge, c2010. Call Number: Q 181 .L497 2010

Douglas and Douglas. Butterflies Of The Great Lakes Region. University of Michigan Press, c2005. Call Number: QL 548 .D68 2005 c.2

Albert. Borne Of The Wind: An Introduction To The Ecology Of Michigan's Sand Dunes. University of Michigan Press, c2006. Call Number: QH 541.5 .S26 A43 2000 c.3

Dennis. The Windward Shore: A Winter On The Great Lakes. University of Michigan Press, c2011. Call Number: F 551 .D393 2011 c.2

Cook. Climate Dynamics. Princeton University Press, c2013. Call Number: QC 861.3 .C66 2013

Parks & Recreation, City of Ann Arbor. Along The Huron: The Natural Communities Of The Huron River Corridor In Ann Arbor, Michigan. University of Michigan Press, c1999. Call Number: F 572.A17 A56 1999 c.2

Allen and Holling. Discontinuities In Ecosystems And Other Complex Systems. Columbia University Press, c2008. Call Number: QH 541.15 .S72 D57 2008

Dijkstra. Nonlinear Climate Dynamics. Cambridge University Press, c2013. Call Number: QC 874.5 .D55 2013

Alford. Pests Of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs And Flowers: A Color Handbook. Elsevier Academic Press, c2012. Call Number: SB 608 .O7 A44 2012

Bolker. Ecological Models And Data In R. Princeton University Press, c2008 Call Number: QH 541.15 .S72 B65 2008

Kirchman. Processes In Microbial Ecology. Oxford University Press, c2012. Call Number: QR 100 .K57 2012

Krishna. Agroecosystems: Soils, Climate, Crops, Nutrient Dynamics And Productivity. Apple Academic Press Inc, c2014. Call Number: S 589.7 .K75 2014

Ireson. Secondary Science 11 To 16: A Practical Guide. Sage, c2010. Call Number: LB 1607 .S396 2010

Springer. Looking For Hickories: The Forgotten Wildness Of The Rural Midwest. University of Michigan Press, c2008. Call Number: QH 104.5 .M47 S67 2008 c.3

Rapai. Kirtland's Warbler: The Story Of A Bird's Fight Against Extinction And The People Who Saved It. University of Michigan Press, c2012. Call Number: QL 696 .P2438 R37 2012 c.2

Romanowski. Living Waters: Ecology Of Animals In Swamps, Rivers, Lakes And Dams. Csiro Publishing, c2013. Call Number: QH 541.5 .M3 R66 2013 c.2

Brebbia and Jorgensen. Lake Sustainability. Wit Press, c2013. Call Number: QH 541.5 .L3 I68 2011 c.2

Nadelhoffer, Hogg, and Hazlett. The Changing Environment Of Northern Michigan: A Century Of Science And Nature At The University Of Michigan Biological Station. University of Michigan Press, c2010. Call Number: QH 322.U55 C47 2010 c.2

Lopez, Lyon, Lyon, Lopez. Wetland Landscape Characterization: Practical Tools, Methods, And Approaches For Landscape Ecology. Crc Press, c2013. Call Number: QH 541.5 .M3 L67 2013

Grant and Grant. 40 Years Of Evolution: Darwin's Finches On Daphne Major Island. Princeton University Press, c2014. Call Number: QL 696 .P246 G7324 2014

Acevedo. Data Analysis And Statistics For Geography, Environmental Science, And Engineering. Crc Press, c2013. Call Number: G 70.2 .A26 2013 c.2

Travis and Brown. Pocketguide To Eastern Wetlands. Stackpole Books, c2014. Call Number: QH 104.5 .E37 B76 2014

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