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Read Journal Articles on your Tablet with Browzine

Emily Treptow

For all of you who love your iPads and Android tablets, MSU Libraries subscribes to BrowZine, an app that can help you read and stay current with scholarly journals.

Within the BrowZine app, you can:

  • Create a bookshelf of your favorite journals for easy, fast access
  • Read articles in a format optimized for a tablet device
  • Get alerts when new journal issues are published
  • Save articles to Zotero, Dropbox, or an app of your choice for PDF collecting and note taking
  • Share links to articles with others by email, Facebook, Twitter

For more information on how to get started and use, visit MSU’s BrowZine page.

BrowZine is an app that you freely download yourself from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon App Store. Once you have the app on your device, you will choose MSU as your library and login with MSU net ID and password. Then you will be able to add journals subscribed to by the MSU Libraries to your bookshelf.

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