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Чикаго [Chicago]


Чикаго [Chicago]. Compiled by E. M. Kolokoltseva, edited by L. I. Komarov. Published by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1961.

During the Cold War the Soviet Union created detailed maps of other parts of the world, including the United States. The US can hardly complain, though, as the US Army Map Service and its subsequent organizations mapped at the same time plenty of foreign countries themselves. The Soviet maps were highly classified, but began to leak out of Russia shortly after the breakup of the Eastern Bloc.

This map of the Chicago area was not a simple copy of an existing US map with only translated text. While it uses information from freely available US sources, the data were gathered from a variety of sources and re-cast to the particular mapping standards favored by the Soviets for all their mapping projects. This scale was intended for use by ground forces planning combat operations and troop movements.

This map was a generous gift of Dr. Kazuya Fujita. It will be on display in the MSU Map Library starting the week of April 22, 2014.

Chicago Area, 1961

Detail from map


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