Michigan State University

Gartner Portal Now Accessible

Sara Miller

MSU students, faculty and staff can now access the Gartner Portal by visiting www.gartnerportal.ais.msu.edu and logging in with their MSUnet ID and password.

Background information on the Gartner Portal:

"One of the greatest challenges IT educators, students and professionals face is getting the right market information at the right time to make critical decisions. For many years, Administrative Information Systems (AIS) has used Gartner core research in making decisions regarding vendor choices, purchases and in planning for the future. Gartner provides time-critical information through direct access to top IT industry analysts combined with immediate access to market intelligence data and relevant product information.

Libraries, Computing & Technology has now opened Gartner research tools to MSU students, faculty and staff. The availability of Gartner research to faculty brings timely, objective real-world examples and content to the classroom, enriching the educational experience. Libraries have used Gartner as a reference resource for students—obtaining advice in strategies for digital content management and portal strategies, enhancing library systems and search engines. IT professionals and graduate programs enhance their understanding of long-term trends and issues and gain valuable insight to the application of technology to business problems. University presidents, provosts, deans, directors and chairs can obtain objective advice and assistance on developing enterprise business and IT strategies, organization structures and staffing, as well as leadership training and succession planning."

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