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Spring 2017 Workshops

Amanda Tickner

We have five GIS and map related workshops coming up for Spring Semester 2017! They are free and all are welcome to attend (including community members).

Introduction to QGIS: Make a Simple Map with Vector Data - January 30 (Beaumont West)

Learn the basics of QGIS, the free open source geospatial software - this workshop will demonstrate how to make a choropleth (color shaded) map and place graduated symbols on it, load shapefiles and .csv table files into QGIS, join data to spatial information and edit features. Register here.

QGIS 2: Georeferencing - February 6th (Beaumont West)

This second QGIS workshop adds knowledge of working with raster data in QGIS to the previous vector based workshop. Participants will learn how to georeference objects such as a historic map or aerial photo and create traced data from it for basic analysis. Register here.

Heat maps and interpolation in GIS – February 13th (Beaumont West)

This workshop will explore interpolation and heat mapping tools in the free open source software QGIS. Many phenomena are continuous - elevations, soils, temperatures etc. but data on these subjects are collected in discrete locations as points.  Interpolation is a commonly used GIS technique to create continuous surface from discrete points – a way of transforming vector data into raster data. Heat mapping is a method of taking point data and showing intensity of occurrences in an attractive raster format. Register here.

Compass Navigation – April 3 (Map Library 3rd Floor CTL)

No Cell signal!? GPS quit working!? Have no fear, it is still possible to find your way. We will teach you how to read the signs and symbols of a topographic map and how to associate the two dimensional map with the three dimensions of the land around us. We'll also talk about magnetic north, true north, and magnetic variation (declination) and how to take a bearing with a compass. This workshop will likely include some outdoor walking so, please dress comfortably. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own compass. Register here.

Aerial photography – April 11th (Makerspace/Outdoors)

Come fly a kite! We will be learning how to use kites for aerial photography. Kites are an inexpensive, simple alternative to drones. They do not require FAA licensing and can be flown legally in most places. This workshop will demonstrate using kites for aerial photography. (If it is raining or not windy enough this workshop will be rescheduled) Register here.

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