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New Books

Melissa Yost

Jernelöv. The long-term fate of invasive species : aliens forever or integrated immigrants with time? Springer, ©2017 Call Number: QH 353 .J47 2017

Markel. The Kelloggs : the battling brothers of Battle Creek.  Pantheon Books, ©2017  Call Number: F 574.B2 M36 2017 c.4

Eyles. Georgian Bay : discovering a unique North American ecosystem.   Fitzhenry & Whiteside, ©2017  Call Number:QH 77.C3 E96 2017

Dietze. Ecological forecasting. Princeton University Pres,s ©2017 Call Number: QH 541.15.E265 D54 2017

Allison and Murphy. Routledge handbook of ecological and environmental restoration. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, ©2017 Call Number:QH 541.15.R45 R68 2017

Siddique. Nature-inspired computing : physics and chemistry-based algorithms. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, ©2017  Call Number:QH 323.5 .S49 2017

Harding. Amphibians and reptiles of the Great Lakes Region. University of Michigan Press, ©2017  Call Number:QL 653.G74 H37 2017 c.3

Coll & Wajnberg.  Environmental pest management : challenges for agronomists, ecologists, economists and policymakers.   John Wiley and Sons, ©2017 Call Number:SB 950 .E58 2017

Les. Aquatic dicotyledons of North America : ecology, life history, and systematics. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, ©2018 Call Number: QK 110 .L55 2018

Carry. Biomineralization, environmental microbiology and earth science.   Syrawood Pub House, ©2016  Call Number:QE 33 .B56 2016

Liu,Hull &Yang. Pandas and people : coupling human and natural systems for sustainability.  Oxford University Press, ©2016  Call Number:QL 737.C27 P363 2016

Niemi. Analysis of long-term forest bird monitoring data from national forests of the Western Great Lakes region. Call Number: QL677.79.F67 N54 2016 U.S. Forest Service, ©2016

Jadrnicek. The bio-integrated farm : a revolutionary permaculture-based system using greenhouses, ponds, compost piles, aquaponics, chickens, and more. Chelsea Green Publishing, ©2016 Call Number:S 494.5.P47 J34 2016 c.2

Meghwal, Goyal & Chavan. Dairy engineering : advanced technologies and their applications. Apple Academic Press, ©2017 Call Number:SF 247 .D23 2017

Middleton. The effective ecologist : succeed in the office environment. Pelagic Publishing, ©2016  Call Number:QH 541 .M47 2016

Mead. Dragonflies of the north woods. Kollath-Stensaas Pub, ©2017  Call Number:QL520.2.A1 M43 2017

Goodale, Beauchamp & Ruxton. Mixed-species groups of animals : behavior, community structure, and conservation.   Academic Press, ©2017  Call Number:QH 541.15.S64 G66 2017

Bieling & Plieninger. The science and practice of landscape stewardship. Cambridge University Press, ©2017  Call Number:QH 75 .S335 2017

Langston. Sustaining Lake Superior : an extraordinary lake in a changing world. Yale University Press, ©2017  Call Number:F 552 .L254 2017 c.2

Rovero and  Zimmermann. Camera trapping for wildlife research.  Pelagic Publishing, ©2016  Call Number:QH 541.15 .R4 C35 2016

Zapaer Pereyra.  Design and development of two novel constructed wetlands: the duplex-constructed wetland and the constructed wetroof.  CRC Press, ©2015  Call Number:TD 756.5 .P47 2015

Francis.  Striving for environmental sustainability in a complex world : Canadian experiences.  UBC Press, ©2016  Call Number:QH 77 .C2 F695 c.2

Egan.  The death and life of the Great Lakes. W.W. Norton & Company, ©2017  Call Number:QH 104.5 .G7 E43 2017 c.2

Jugulam.  Biology, physiology, and molecular biology of weeds.  CRC Press, ©2017  Call Number:SB 611 .B5587 2017

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