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Bizmining for Business

Benjamin Hall

Looking for profit and loss statements for the average dental office making $1-499,999/year in Omaha Nebraska?

Want to know (quickly) how many grocery stores there are in the 14564, 14425 zip codes?

In a word: BIZMINER

Bizminer from Business Valuation Resources (BVR) is a leading resource for financial and marketing data for some 16,000 lines of business across hundreds of national and local markets throughout the U.S.

The greatest value of BizMiner reports lies in discerning patterns of market activity, which are reflected in the large samples that BVR uses to develop their reports. BizMiner data is also widely accepted for industry analysis, benchmarking, valuations, forensics and litigation.

So where does the data come from?

Raw data analyzed for BizMiner reports is sourced from an array of the nation's government and private statistical sources. In total, BizMiner accesses over a billion sourced data points from 18 million business operations for each of its 2X annual updates covering three to five year time series reports.

How does Bizminer compare to industry competitor Risk Management Association (RMA) annual statement studies? See for yourself:

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