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Fall 2020 GIS Workshops - All Online!

Amanda Tickner

The leaves are starting to turn, Fall semester is starting soon and that means the return of MSU Libraries GIS workshops. For Fall 2020 all of our workshops will be held online. As usual, they are free and open to anyone who wants to attend. If you have any questions please contact Amanda Tickner via email: atickner@msu.edu


Make a Simple Color Shaded Map with QGIS

Friday, September 25th | 3:00-5:00

Learn the basics of QGIS, the free open source geospatial software—this workshop will demonstrate how to make a choropleth (color shaded) map and place graduated symbols representing data on it, load shape-files and .csv table files into QGIS, join data to spatial information and edit features.

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StoryMaps, ESRI vs. JS

Friday, October 9th | 3:30-5:00

Both ESRI and Knight Labs Story Maps combine narrative text, images and other content with maps allowing for the creation of spatially based narratives for the web. Story Maps are an easy to use powerful tool for presentation of all kinds of information to a public audience. They are great for classroom projects. In this workshop, we will compare the ESRI and JS versions of StoryMap and learn how to use Story Maps incorporating a variety of media types and formats.

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Geocoding: Creating Maps and Spatial Data from Addresses

Friday, October 23rd | 3:30-5:00

This workshop will discuss geocoding, which is the process of giving addresses spatial information so they can be used as a dataset in a GIS. This is useful for incorporating custom collected data into a GIS for mapping and analysis.

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