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Crypto Data Digest: Investors

Benjamin Hall

The theme this week is “investor perspectives” or more specifically, investor sentiment. For a specific list of publicly traded, non-crypto companies that have some level of exposure to cryptocurrencies, either through investments, partnerships, or side ventures, check out Top Crypto Bets via Yahoo Finance.

Q1 this year was profoundly positive in venture funding for the crypto/blockchain sector. Roughly $3 billion was allocated to crypto projects. According to The Block, this quarter also had more crypto/blockchain venture deals greater than $100m than 2019 and 2020 combined. From 2019-2020 there were a total of 14 deals that raised $50m or more. Q1 alone had the same number of deals.

Institutions are also looking for hedges against potential future inflation. Due in part to its limited supply, Bitcoin holdings are alleged by some to be one of those instruments. Companies like Microstrategy (MSTR) have been betting on Bitcoin for years, but each week more institutional investors bet on crypto for their balance sheet.

Interesting note: According to a recent survey (Spring 2021) carried out by Piper Sandler, about 9% of US teens claim to have traded cryptocurrency. This trend is also marked by a major gender gap, with as much as 81% of these (7,000) U.S. teens being male. 









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