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LandScan Global 2010 WebApp Access


Landscan is a world population dataset at approximately 1 km resolution (30" X 30"). It represents an ambient population (average over 24 hours). The LandScan algorithm uses spatial data and imagery analysis technologies and a multi-variable dasymetric modeling approach to disaggregate census counts within an administrative boundary. Since no single population distribution model can account for the differences in spatial data availability, quality, scale, and accuracy as well as the differences in cultural settlement practices, LandScan population distribution models are tailored to match the data conditions and geographical nature of each individual country and region. This web interface is best used in Firefox.

To access population data, click "search" to select either a political unit or to draw a polygon on the map. A pop up window will provide population with gender and age breakdown. (remember to use Firefox).

Contact the Map Librarian for access to the full dataset via ftp (MSU authentication required). The 600MB file unzips to about 4gig.

Landscan Screenshot of P'yongYang

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