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Summer in 3D: a weeklong series of 3D data workshops

Amanda Tickner

This summer we are having a week long series of 3D themed workshops! All workshops will be held in the Digital Scholarship Lab between 3:00-5:00.

Monday June 11
Intro to 3D Modeling and Printing with OnShape

Curious about how 3D printing can meet your needs? Join us to explore the history of 3D printing, the basics of hardware and software, and local resources available for design and production. In this hands-on session, participants will learn the basics of 3D modeling to design a product, for possible print at MakeCentral: Makerspace.  Participants will need a working email to sign up for OnShape, a free web based CAD design system used during the workshop.
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Tuesday June 12
3D Terrain Mapping

This workshop will teach two methods of creating 3D printable models of terrain, one using a simple web application and the other using ArcScene and a Digital Elevation Model. If you have a DEM you want to print, please bring the file, otherwise we will provide one.
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Wednesday June 13

Learn the process of photogrammetry (structure from motion) for creating 3D models from real life objects using a camera and software. We will photograph an object, process photos using Agisoft Photoscan software, and edit the resulting model to prepare it for 3D printing.
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Thursday June 14
Unity 3D modeling environment

Please join us for an introduction to Unity 3D programming. Using 3D files you created earlier in the week (where appropriate) and additional pre-made files, including those from the VR toolkit, you’ll learn to navigate the Unity software and create a “scene” or environment. This is a basic introduction, so no previous coding experience is required.
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Friday June 15
Introduction to QGIS 3 with Lidar and 3D visualization

This workshop will introduce QGIS 3.0 and explore its new 3D visualization tools. Raster data exists in a variety of forms, and we will create a raster dataset from points using interpolation methods. We will then look at using different raster (digital elevation models) and 3D point clouds to create landscape visualizations.
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