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Hollander MakeCentral: A Treasure Trove of Resources

Sarah Nowack

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Tucked away in the west wing on the second floor of the Main Library, nestled behind a bay of patron computers, lies the Selma D. and Stanley C. Hollander MakeCentral. A veritable treasure trove of student and patron resources, MakeCentral provides access to a wide variety of print and digital tools—everything from printers and fax machines to Microfilm readers. You can even create paperback books! Here is a comprehensive list of the resources that MakeCentral has to offer:

Print / Copy 

Is your professor a stickler for turning in hard-copy essays? Maybe you need to print out a few dozen flyers for an event? No problem! MakeCentral has you covered. Black and white prints are only $0.05 a page, and color is only $0.40 a page. You can also print full size posters (up to 36 inches wide) in full color for $8.40 per linear foot. Unique sizing and toner options are also available, but pricing may vary.

Scan / Fax 

Do you need to scan an important document or a specific page of your textbook? You can use one of our Simple Scan Stations for only $0.05 per scan, and Microform scanning is free if you bring your own flash drive. You can also fax documents from these scanning stations for only $0.50 per page for faxes within the U.S. and Canada, and $1.00 per page for international faxes.

Office Supplies

If you’re in a pinch for office supplies during one of your last-minute cram sessions, Hollander MakeCentral can help. Open until 1 am Sunday through Thursday, MakeCentral sells everything from batteries to envelopes, pencils to ear buds, and even flash drives and SD cards. All of these items—and more—can be purchased at the MakeCentral service desk during regular MakeCentral hours for reasonable prices.

Microfilm Readers

MSU Libraries has approximately 119,000 reels of microfilm and 1.1 million microfiche and microcards available for viewing, from current newspapers to MSU theses. These reels are only available by special request, though, as they are primarily housed off-campus. To request a microfilm, simply click the “Get It” button on the search results page. Once you get the item, you can use one of the MakeCentral’s digital microreaders which also serve as scanners if you need to print or save any images.

Passport Photos

If you’re making plans to study or travel abroad, you’ll need a current passport. MSU Libraries has a dedicated Passport Acceptance service, and you can have your passport photo taken in MakeCentral. U.S. Passport and Green Card photos can be taken during regular service desk hours for only $10 (plus tax) for 2 photos.


With four 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a vinyl cutter, you can realize your digital projects in the MakeCentral Makerspace. You can check out a variety of lending technologies including circuit boards, cameras, microphones, wearables, and even a sewing machine. MakeCentral staff offer multiple workshops throughout the year.

Publishing Services

You can publish books! Whether it’s a book you’ve written or a book you have permission to print, MSU Libraries Publishing Services can print interior pages in B&W or color and full-color covers, then bind and trim them, churning out retail-quality paperbacks in less than 15 minutes. Need help designing a cover or planning your book’s layout? Make a consultation appointment between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Costs vary by page count and the services provided.

And so much more!

In addition to all of these amazing resources, Hollander MakeCentral also provides lamination ($1.00 per sheet, $6.00 per foot for posters) and comb binding (supply costs vary). There is also a collection of current periodicals ranging from newspapers and magazines to scholarly journals. Hollander MakeCentral is an excellent resource for all your office needs and offers convenient service for students, faculty, staff, and public patrons. The next time you have a paper due in hard copy, or you’ve run out of index cards in the middle of finals weeks, stop by the MakeCentral service desk. We’d love to help!

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