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Crum. Mosses of the Great Lakes Forest. University of Michigan Herbarium, 2004

Call Number: QK540.7 .C78 2004

Chartier and Ziarno. A Birder's guide to Michigan. American Birding Association, c2004 Call Number: QL684.M5 B577 2004

Zuur, N. Ieno, Smith. Analysing Ecological Data. Springer, c2007. Call Number: QH541.15.S72 Z88 2007

Lampert, Sommer. Limnoecology. Oxford University Press Inc., 2007. Call Number: QH96.57.A1 L3513 2007

Storch, Marquet, Brown. Scaling Biodiversity. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Call Number: QH541.15.B56 S42 2007

Hildrew, Raffaelli, Edmonds-Brown. Body Size : the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Call Number: QH541.5.W3 B63 2007.

Price. Mastering ArcGIS. McGraw-Hill Higher Education, c2008. Call Number: G70.212 .P74 2008 - Supplemental Software Call Number: G70.212 .P74 2008 CD-ROM

DuBois. Damselflies of the North Woods. Kollath-Stensaas Pub., c2005. Call Number: QL520.2.U6 D83 2006

Gherardi. Biological invaders in inland waters : profiles, distribution and threats. Springer, c2007. Call Number: QH353 .B555 2007

Batzer and Sharitz. Ecology of freshwater and estuarine wetlands. University of California Press, c2006. Call Number: QH541.5.M3 E266 2006

Kokko. Modelling for field biologists and other interesting people. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Call Number: QH541.15.M3 K65 2007

Freeland. Molecular ecology. John Wiley & Sons, c2005. Call Number: QH541.15.M63 F74 2005.

Radosevich, Holt and Ghersa. Ecology of weeds and invasive plants : relationship to agriculture and natural resource management. Wiley-Interscience, 2007. Call Number: SB611 .R33 2007

Lockwood, Hoopes and Marchetti. Invasion ecology. Blackwell Pub., 2007. Call Number: QH353 .L63 2007

Cardon and Whitbeck. The rhizosphere : an ecological perspective. Elsevier Academic Press, c2007. Call Number: QK644 .R445 2007

Ramsey Kaufman and Kaufman. Invasive plants : a guide to identification, impacts, and control of common North American species. Stackpole Books, c2007. Call Number: SB612.A2 K38 2007

Snyder. Catalogue of the marine gastropod family Fasciolariidae. Scientific Publications Dept., Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 2003.

Dann and Schroeder. The life of the lakes : a guide to the Great Lakes fishery. Michigan Sea Grant College Program, c2003. Call Number: SH219.6 .D36 2003

Hakanson. Lakes : form and function. Blackburn Press, 2004. Call Number: GB1601.72.M35 H35 2004

Gurevitch, Scheiner and Fox. The ecology of plants. Sinauer Associates, c2006. Call Number: QK901 .G96 2006

Ussing. The colonial diatom Bacillaria paradoxa: chaotic gliding motility, Lindenmeyer model of colonial morphogenesis, and bibliography, with translation of O.F. Müller (1783), About a peculiar being in the beach water. Gantner, 2005. Call Number: QK569.D54 C68 2005

Williams and Reid. Amphorotia nov. gen., a new genus in the family Eunotiaceae (Bacillariophyceae), based on Eunotia clevei Grunow in Cleve et Grunow. Koeltz Scientific Books, 2006. Call Number: QK569.D54 W535 2006

Siver. Diatoms of North America : the freshwater flora of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Koeltz Scientific Books, 2005. Call Number: QK569.D54 D53 2005

Hoagman. Great Lakes wetlands : a field guide. Michigan Sea Grant Publications, c1998. Call Number: QH541.5.M3 H63 1998

Golterman. The chemistry of phosphate and nitrogen compounds in sediments. Kluwer Academic, c2004. Call Number: QE471.2 .G65 2004

Westfall and May. Damselflies of North America. Scientific Publishers, 2006. Call Number: QL520.2.A1 W47 2006

Westfall and May. Damselflies of North America : color supplement. Scientific Publishers, 2006. Call Number: QL520.2.A1 M39 2006 Suppl.

Matthews and Matthews. Successful scientific writing : a step-by-step guide for the biological and medical sciences. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Call Number: R119 .M28 2008 (reference)

de Smith, Goodchild and Longley. Geospatial analysis : a comprehensive guide to principles, techniques and software tools. Matador, c2007. Call Number: G70.23 .D4 2007

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