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Passport GMID - New Enhancement Coming Soon

In the coming week, Passport GMID will be launching a new enhancement. MyPages is a new feature enabling you, as a user, to customize these pages with the content you use most frequently for your day to day research. With this new enhancement you now have the ability to:

  1. Create your own customised email alert - By selecting the categories and geographies you are interested in, you will receive an e-alert keeping you up to date with the latest developments.
  2. Sign up to GMID's RSS News feed - Receive timely updates on new content viewable via iGoogle, Outlook etc. from your customized content.
  3. My Home Page - View all your customized content in one place, along with your latest saved searches.
  4. Saved Research - Save your research and queries if you are in a hurry and need to access them later or to share with your colleagues.

Note: To take advantage of these new features in GMID, users will be required to create a personal account using a valid MSU e-mail address.
There will be detailed instructions upon accessing the site, or you may contact a business librarian at gastbus@bus.msu.edu or phone 355.3380 with any questions or concerns.

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