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Fall 2017 Workshops

Amanda Tickner

We have some new and some repeated workshops for Fall 2017! All workshops are free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged but not required.

Introduction to QGIS Make a Simple Map with Vector Data: Friday September 15th Beaumont West 3:00-4:00

Learn the basics of QGIS, the free open source geospatial software - this workshop will demonstrate how to make a choropleth (color shaded) map and place graduated symbols on it, load shapefiles and .csv table files into QGIS, join data to spatial information and edit features.
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Compass Navigation: Friday September 22nd Map Library CTL 3:00-4:00

No Cell signal!? GPS quit working!? Have no fear, it is still possible to find your way. We will teach you how to read the signs and symbols of a topographic map and how to associate the two dimensional map with the three dimensions of the land around us. We'll also talk about magnetic north, true north, and magnetic variation (declination) and how to take a bearing with a compass. This workshop will include some outdoor walking so, please dress comfortably. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own compass.
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Survey 123 Field Data Collection and Mapping Tool: Friday September 29th Beaumont West 3:00-4:00

Survey 123 is an easy to use tool for collecting field data with a spatial component. Survey 123 can simplify the data collection process by integrating locational data into the collection process seamlessly. In this workshop we will explore using Survey 123 and collect data for use in map making using ArcOnline in a following workshop.
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Easy maps for the web with ArcOnline: Friday October 13th Beaumont West 3:00-4:00

Learn how to make web maps using the simple app ArcOnline and how integrate your own data (including field data collected with Survey 123) into these maps.
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