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MeL Minute : Farm and Garden Resources

Jon Harrison

With summer well underway and fall just around the corner, now is a great time to consider exploring resources related to the Farm and Garden, and MeL has lots to offer for this theme!  


BookFLIX: There are multiple book pairs of fiction/nonfiction in this database that are related to farm and garden. As a side note, did you know that each BookFLIX book pair has a Lesson Plan?  And that the lesson plan includes plot summaries for the pair?  Be sure to check it out when you look at some of this week’s recommended book pairs:  

  • “Animals and Nature” 
    • Click, Clack, Moo and Let’s Visit a Dairy Farm 
    • Giggle, Giggle, Quack and Living on Farms 
    • Planting a Rainbow and It Could Still Be a Flower 
    • Rosie’s Walk and A Chick Grows Up 
    • 3 Little Pigs and Pigs 
  • “Earth and Sky” 
    • Curious Garden and Our Earth: Helping Out 
    • Miss Ramphius and From Seed to Dandelion 
  • “People and Places” 
    • Johnny Appleseed and the nonfiction by the same name 
    • Strega Nona and Grains 
  • “ABCs and 123s” 
    • Goldilocks and the Three Bears and A Garden Full of Sizes 


Britannica School:  A nice feature of Britannica School is the ability to create and share Resource Packs.  Our friends at Britannica pulled together two Agriculture resource packs for us. To access them, you must first open any level of Britannica to geo-locate your computer, then click on one of the following links: 

  • Elementary: http://eb.com/106820 (Articles in this pack are good for reading levels through 7th grade. Level 1 articles are for grades 3 and 4 and Level 2 articles are for grades 5 through 7.) 
  • Secondary: http://eb.com/106819 (Articles in this pack cover reading levels from 5th grade and up.  Level 2 articles cover grades 5 through 7 and Level 3 articles are for 8th grade and above.  Level 3 would be what you would find in a traditional print version of Encyclopedia Britannica.) 


Early World of Learning: For our youngest learners, the main encyclopedia section, Know It!, includes a Plants category.  Also, follow Trek, the scarecrow, on a dozen different Trek’s Travels adventures in the Read section. Finally, in Watch, check out the videos about Animals, Plants, and even a tractor in Machines. 


eBooks: Learn all about this week’s theme with more than 600 Farming eBooks and over 400 Gardening eBooks from EBSCO K-8 eBooks. 


Gale Virtual Reference Library: This collection of eReference books has a few things of interest this week.  Learn about Farm Policy and Farm Foreclosures during the Great Depression or about related farming industries in the Encyclopedia of American IndustriesAlso find out how Agriculture is related to computer science. 


NoveList K8+: Are you looking for some book recommendations for kids and pre-teens through 8th grade? Check out the “Books” and the “Lists and Articles” tabs for Farms as well as Gardening. 


Opposing Viewpoints in Context:  For teens and adults looking to learn more about controversial issues related to farms and gardening, this database offers the following topics: 


Research in Context:  This middle school database, which could also be appealing to adults, includes a topic page on Migrant Workers. 


And of course MeLCat has over 1,000 physical resources related to Farm and Garden (and even more if you search the terms individually). 


Enjoy Michigan's lovely summer weather! 



Brought to you by Christine Schneider of the MeL Team. 


MeL databases are available to Michigan residents or Michigan library or school access only. 

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