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Marrying Bloomberg and the Business FAQ

Benjamin Hall

Did you know that the Gast Business Library has a Bloomberg terminal?

The Business Library maintains a Bloomberg terminal for College of Business faculty and students. The terminal can be utilized anytime the library is open, roughly 92 hours/week. 

What's a Bloomberg terminal? 

A Bloomberg terminal brings together real-time data on almost every market and includes breaking news, in-depth research, analytics and insights. It's basically a portal into markets, securities, and assets all over the world. Since Bloomberg—the company—is really at the cutting edge of business intelligence, the Bloomberg terminal is arguably one of the best financial analysis resources available for Broad College affiliates. 

If you're a student in the Broad College, you might have already been exposed to Bloomberg via the Financial Analysis Lab in the Eppley Center (Rm 104). Note that the lab is open roughly 68 hours/week. 

The Marriage

This year, the Business Library has been promoting more useful, how-to content on the Business FAQ page. On this page, you'll find nearly 200 answers to frequently asked questions with librarian-curated responses. Popular topics include marketing, company and industry, international business, and finance. New questions are being added all the time, and now you can find Bloomberg listed under topics!

Here are some of the questions that the business librarians have received regarding Bloomberg:

  • How do I find news in Bloomberg?
  • How do I quantify key suppliers, customers, and competitors for a specific company?
  • Where can I find data on government bonds, bills, and notes?

If you have a question (about anything) that you think should be added to our list, or if you're looking for a quick answer about a Bloomberg command, check out the Business FAQ page or contact us for help. For more information about the Business Library Bloomberg terminal, visit the main research desk in the Gast Business Library. 

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