Michigan State University

Introduction to the MSU Map Library - 2021 Edition

Kathleen Weessies

Entry to the MSU Map Library in 2021

This video provides a six-minute overview of MSU Map Library collections and services  Instructors are encouraged to share this with students.

Mediaspace: https://mediaspace.msu.edu/media/Introduction%20to%20the%20MSU%20Map%20Library%20-%202021/1_z7zdoanx

The MSU Map Library is a wonderful place to learn about maps.  In this video we will walk around the library together. You can see some of the things we have.  You may not know that we have just as many digital files as we have paper maps and atlases. So next we'll take a look at the website and see what you can access there.  And also you'll find out how to contact us for more information.

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