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MIRS News Highlights, January 8, 2018

Jon Harrison

MIRS News Highlights, January 8, 2018:

  • Immigration, Support For President Top Issues In 11th Congressional Debate
  • Snyder, Calley & Team: Increase Personal Exemption To $4,500
  • Prosecutor: DEQ Didn't Stop The Poisoning Of Flint Residents
  • Calley, Colbeck Team Up For GOP Gubernatorial Town Halls
  • Jones Holds Around 100 Media Interviews A Month
  • New U.S. Attorney Not Making Marijuana Enforcement A Top Priority
  • Stabenow: Schuette Should Have Acted Sooner
  • Anuzis: Trump Will Be 'X' Factor in '18
  • Small Businesses To State: Don't Forget About Our Taxes, Too
  • Libertarian Candidate Will Pardon All Non-Violent Marijuana Offenders

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